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Arvind Gupta, India : an interesting website on toys, especially on low-cost science activities and innovative science toys

Australian Children's Folklore Collection. A collection of Museum Victoria

Berber world - Amadâl amazigh - Monde berbère :

Centre for Child-Focused Anthropological Research, Brunel University, Uxbridge (London)

Centro per la Cultura Ludica, Torino, Italy :

Children's Folklore Mailing List :

Fördern durch Spielmittel - Spielzeug für behinderte Kinder/Toys for Children's Rehabilitation, Berlin

International Toy Research Association (ITRA) :

Juegos etnicos de los pueblos originarios de America, Stela Maris Ferrarese Cappetini

Morgan Leichter-Saxby : a playworker’s personal website with useful information on play and playgrounds, London.

Musée du Quai Branly, Unité Patrimoniale Afrique, Paris (took over the ethnographic collections of the former Musée de l'Homme) :

Musée du Jouet, Moirans-en-Montagne, France :

Play & Folklore, Victoria, Australia :

Renzo Laporta, London : the professional website of Renzo the toymaker, promoting the Global Children's Folklore via toy-making activities : a website to show images of toys made by children and collect adults' memories : the Handmade Go-cart Club is a playful way to make people aware of the importance of living in Child Friendly Cities

Speelgoedmuseum/Toy museum, Mechelen, Belgium :

Stockholm International Toy Research Centre (SITREC), Stockholm :

Sudarshan Khanna, India : important work on toy design, culture, creative education and design-science popularization among children

Toy Centre, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India :

Toys for Tomorrow Forum, Ahmedabad, India :

Wellouëj - Jeux Traditionnels et Jeux du Monde, Lille, France
The project “caravane ludique” in the Doukkala Abda region, Morocco : see section “projets”

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